Tech: HTML/CSS, Semantic UI, React, React Router, Javascript, Node, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Apollo, GraphQL

A MERN Stack web application built for the Austin Fire Department. It is designed to take the scheduling load off the Station Chiefs, and easily share the information of who is avaiable to work. The Station Chiefs currently spend around an hour each day with a whiteboard and a radio getting their stations aligned, and this app is designed to take a lot of the pain away from the process.

Our goal for this application is to see it through to implimation with the City of Austin. We are also taking the project to Austin Hack for Change, a civil developers meet up in Austin where projects are presented and worked on collectively. We believe this will give us the best chance to design the most user friendly app, while adding in the features that the city needs so we can integrate together seamlessly.

For FireBoard, I helped build the foundation of the React layout, focusing on builing the pages and componets for the home, staff creation, and staff edit pages. I also set up React Router for our app, and designed the user interface with Semantic UI.

Check out the app here!

My Favorite Homeowner

Tech: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Light Bootstrap Dashboard, JavaScript, jQuery, Node, Express, MySQL, Sequelize, Firebase, Ajax

A full stack web application made for contractors to review the homeowners they work for. Designed to give power back to the working man, this app acts like Home Advisor or Yelp for the contractor. They can see if homeowners they give estimates to are rated highly, and adjust for the job accordingly. Homeowners want to get good reviews to receive more bids at competitive prices.

I came up with the idea of My Favorite Homeowner after working in the home improvment industry for three years. I wanted to set up a system to spread awarness about homeowner behavior, whether it is good or bad. With the spread of review websites in the last couple of years, this seemed like the system to implement. We have finished phase one of the site, allowing the contractors to review the homeowners, and the next step is allowing the owners to review contractors. My overall goal for the site is an Air BnB like website, where at the end of the project, both parties review eachother for the public to see and make decisions with the information.

Check out the app here!

Free Texas

Tech: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, 3rd Party API's, Ajax

Free Texas is a web app designed for the fun loving but frugal minded folks in Texas. It lets you search for free events in the Food/Drink and Music category for any date. Just select the city you want to go out in, pick your date, and you will see all events for that day! It also displays the weather to let you know how to prepare for the event.

Free Texas was designed by a group of three developers. The Eventbrite Api and Open Weather Map Api were featured to pull in the events, and give us up to date weather information.

I was the UX Designer and Lead JavaScript Engineer on the project. I also came up with the idea for the project, designed the website through two iterations, and helped with connecting the Eventbrite API. As a team, we worked together to write pieces of the JavaScript code. I designed and built the Chrome Extension myself.

Visit the website here, and have a fun free day in Texas!